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An SPF record was found for the domain frenger.de. The syntax check of the SPF record does not show any obvious errors. The SPF record for frenger.de is valid. The SPF record contains a reference to external rules, which means that the validity of the SPF record depends on at least one other domain. A detailed list of the externally used "includes" can be found in the analysis result. In total 10 IP address(es) were authorized by the SPF record to send emails. The SPF record analysis was performed on 06.10.2022 at 10:17:15 clock.

Evaluation for the domain frenger.de 

Determined SPF record:
Legitimated IP addresses:
SPF-Syntax Check:
Analysis result of the SPF record for the domain: frenger.de

SPF record available?

We found an SPF record for the domain.


Are the server addresses allowed to send e-mails?

The mechanism 'a' was set in the SPF record. The following IP addresses are allowed to send

Additionally authorized A-records?

In addition to the A-records stored in the DNS, we were able to find further records authorized in the SPF-record

Additionally authorized IPv4 addresses

Explicit IPv4 addresses in the SPF record have been authorized to send

Additional external SPF records

We could find other records authorized in the SPF record

v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ip4: -all

E-Mail handling

How should the checkHost() function of the e-mail server handle the e-mail? (syntax )

Fail (non-compliant e-mails are rejected)

Will be forwarded to another SPF record?

There is no reference to any other SPF record

Are the registered mail servers allowed to send e-mails?

In the SPF entry the mechanism 'mx' has not been set

Additionally authorized MX records

We could not find any other records authorized in the SPF record besides the MX records stored in the DNS

Additionally authorized IPv6 addresses

No explicit IPv6 addresses in the SPF record have been authorised to send

How is the sender informed?

The exp mechanism acts as a return to the sender if the IP address was not authorized to send and notify them. None was found.

PTR (obsolete mechanism)

The ptr mechanism is deprecated, slow and insecure and should not be used


The ptr mechanism is deprecated, slow and insecure and should not be used

Authorize IP addresses with markers

When SPF is evaluated, macros can specifically authorize Ip addresses based on the request or connection of the user or client (RFC7208 )

Receiver address


Amount of reports


Report selection


Unknown mechanisms

No unknown mechanisms were found in the SPF record.

What is the SPF lookup for?

With the SPF lookup you analyze the SPF record of a domain for errors, security risks and authorized IP addresses. Optionally, you can specify an IP address to check if it is authorized to send e-mail on behalf of the domain. The SPF lookup analyzes registered TXT records in real time. If you want to specify an SPF record manually, use the SPF Analyzer.

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Server IP Address

We have determined the following IP address for the domain:

No domain specified

Reverse address

We have determined the following name for the server IP address:


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