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  • Permanently measurable high deliverability for your sustainable success
  • Reliable protection against misuse for your security and that of your customers
  • Unequalled reputation and integrity for your brand and trust
  • Fast solution and effective implementation through individual support
  • Final audit with certificate for your compliance documentation

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Email deliverability & security

Ideal starter package to solve existing e-mail problems
Ideal for small companies and associations that want to reliably to the inbox and want to prevent e-mail fraud by third parties.
749 € 1
Best-selling in the SME sector

E-mail & domain risk management

Complete package for optimum protection of your digital identity.
Ideal for companies and public authorities that want to optimally secure their digital identity or need to meet compliance requirements.
1.499 € 1 Book

LogoTrust Pro premium solution: BIMI & VMC

Best possible brand reinforcement: your logo in the inbox
Ideal for organizations that not only attribute security to their brand but also want a reputation booster through their logo in the inbox.
from 3.499 € 1 Book
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✓ Increase sales

Email messages that reach their recipients reliably ensure your business success.

✓ Reduce costs

Actively managing risks minimizes your costs, losses and crisis management and expenses for crisis management.

✓ Avoid outages

High availability of your services ensures continuous operation and your accessibility.

✓ Securing liquidity

Loss adjustment, crisis management costs and penalties can take on existential proportions.

✓ Strengthen reputation

A consistently optimised level of protection ensures a lasting positive reputation for your domain and web services.

✓ IT compliance

The compliance of your domain is verified to improve your IT compliance.

Structured project workflow for optimal results

The project starts directly with the assignment
Answer simple questions
You answer a few simple questions and send test emails for analysis and receive tips for immediate implementation.
Support by consultants
Your consultant will support the implementation with customised assistance to achieve the best possible result.
Action plans received
You will receive customised action plans and instructions for implementation in a personal consultation.
Check the effect
Once the measures have been completed, we check their effectiveness and issue the audit result certificate.

12 months expert tool for monitoring without basic fee!

DMARC monitoring up to 10,000 messages per month included
  • Uninterrupted email efficiency: Ensure seamless delivery of all email types, from newsletters to transactional emails, and increase your communication effectiveness.
  • Uninterrupted web service performance: Ensure the seamless operation of all online services linked to your domain and boost user satisfaction.
  • Consistent high security for digital assets: Maintain a consistently high level of protection for all critical areas such as DNS, email and SSL to secure your digital infrastructure.
  • Proactive threat prevention: Use efficient early detection and continuous monitoring to identify and avert potential risks at an early stage.

8 reasons to implement BIMI with VMC

Brand indicators to identify messages with verifiable brand certificates
  1. Increase brand presence
    With BIMI and VMC, your brand logo is displayed directly in your customers' inboxes. This increases the visibility and recognition value of your brand.
  2. Increased email security
    BIMI works hand in hand with DMARC to ensure that only authentic emails carry your brand logo. VMC adds an extra layer of verification that confirms the authenticity of your logo.
  3. Building trust
    A verified logo in the inbox signals to the recipient that the email comes from a trusted source. This increases the likelihood that your emails will be opened and read.
  4. Reduction of phishing risks
    Clearly identifying authentic emails with your brand logo makes phishing attempts much more difficult. This not only protects your company, but also your customers.
  1. Improved customer interaction
    A trusted brand logo can increase the click-through rate and engagement of your email campaigns as recipients are less hesitant to open and interact with your emails.
  2. Competitive advantage
    Not many companies actively use BIMI and VMC. By implementing these technologies, you position yourself as a leader in email security and customer trust.
  3. Compliance and reputation management
    The use of BIMI and VMC can serve as part of a comprehensive compliance strategy, especially in regulated industries that have strict data protection and information security requirements.
  4. Measurable ROI
    The improved email performance and the reduction of security risks can lead to a measurable return on investment measurable return on investment (ROI) that justifies the implementation costs.

Cyber compliance - your strategic advantage

Not only mastering compliance requirements with domain risk monitoring, but also establishing security as a trademark.

Data protection as a commitment and a promise:
Protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of your email communication. Our solutions are designed to make data protection one of your strongest pillars - for the trust of your customers and compliance with legal requirements.

Industry standards as a basis for excellence:
Easily meet the requirements of PCI DSS, HIPAA and other industry-specific standards. We provide you with the tools to seamlessly integrate your security protocols into your daily operations.

Anti-spam as a seal of quality for your communication: Take active action against spam and phishing. Our methods are designed to ensure compliance with anti-spam laws while increasing the quality of your email communications.

International standards as a global language:
Ensure that your security measures comply with the recommendations of the IETF, CEA and ICANN. We help you to not only comply with international standards for email and DNS security, but to use them as part of your global strategy.

Corporate policies as a manifesto of your values:
Support your internal cyber security and compliance policies. We provide you with the means to not only comply with these policies, but to establish them as an integral part of your corporate culture.

Our most popular service
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Email Deliverability & Security
749 € 1
Optimal setup for deliverability and email security.
Domain- & E-Mail-Security
1.499 € 1
Complete package for optimal protection of your digital identity.
LogoTrust Pro Premium solution: BIMI & VMC
from 3.499 € 1
Complete package for optimum protection with a powerful brand booster.
Technical and detective checks of your domain and emails
• SPF implementation
• DKIM implementation
• Sender Alignment
• DMARC implementation
• DMARC Reports
• Spam indicator
• Blacklists
• E2EE
• TLS / SSL & ciphers
Organizational and deductive reviews of your organization, processes and regulations
• IT baseline protection check
• Strategy check
• Organisations-Check
• Compliance-Check
• VMC Pre-Validation
Support from experts in the implementation of individual measures
• Technical advice on implementation
• Support for third-party systems
• Trademark registration optional
• BIMI Logo Design optional
• BIMI Logo Conversion
• VMC certificate for 1 year
• Control of the VMC audit
• Implementation BIMI & VMC
• Digital anamnesis Online form Form & Interview Form & Interview
• Detective exams
• Inductive tests
• Deductive tests
• Test E-Mails Before the consultation (anamnesis) Before the consultation (anamnesis)
After the consultation (audit)
Before the consultation (anamnesis)
After the consultation (audit)
• Counseling sessions 1 consultation Up to 3 consultations, optional access to recordings Unlimited consultations and access to recordings
• Reviews 1 review within 30 days 3 reviews within 3 months
• Result log Action list via email Detailed PDF report and certificate Detailed PDF report and certificate
• Audit certificate
• nicmanager account
• Domain risk monitoring
• Test email deliverability
• DMARC report analysis
• TLS report analysis
• Blacklists
• TLS/ SSL & ciphers
Book Book Book
1) The offer is aimed exclusively at companies, the liberal professions, the public service, public authorities and other public or charitable institutions or comparable comparable institutions and is intended for use in professional, commercial or independent self-employed activity, not for end consumers within the meaning of §13 BGB. All prices are exclusive of statutory VAT.

2) Conditions nicmanager Account & Domain Risk Monitoring: The regular account setup fee of set-up fee for the account of EUR 99.00 does not apply. Additional user accounts are charged at 5.00 EUR/month. Basic fee for domain risk monitoring free of charge for 12 months, thereafter according to price list (currently 10.00 EUR / month). 10,000 DMARC reported messages included, beyond that beyond that according to the price list based on actual usage.

About us

We are experts in cyber and domain security

InterNexum GmbH, based in Germany, is a global company. As a specialized supplier of corporate domain solutions, it is an important player in the international domain industry.

Thanks to your expertise, you are one of the trend-setting German companies in the field of domain risk management and domain security. She is involved in various national and international working groups for more cyber security in business.

InterNexum GmbH is a subsidiary of the listed Team Internet Group PLC. With more than 47 million managed domains, the group of companies plays a decisive role in the European and global domain market.

As a partner of the Alliance for Cyber Security (ACS), InterNexum GmbH makes an important contribution to making companies, authorities and institutions in Germany more secure.

The ACS was created by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The ACS has set itself the goal of strengthening the resilience of Germany as a location against cyber attacks, expanding the IT security competence in German companies and organizations and a better and uniform assessment by bringing together all the important parties involved in the field of cyber security in Germany the security situation.



Services and tools that convince

Top 100

InterNexum GmbH has officially been one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany since 2022 and is therefore one of the innovation leaders in the industry. The "Top 100" seal is awarded to companies that, on the one hand, maintain a special innovation management and investment climate and have geared their processes and organization accordingly. On the other hand, having mastered the diverse challenges of the corona pandemic in a business-oriented manner.

In 2012, InterNexum GmbH received the "Hosting & Service Provider Award" from industry experts for its self-developed and operated product "nicmanager". The expert jury certified that InterNexum GmbH has a very high degree of innovation, flawless implementation and first-class market opportunities. It won the award for the best service offering in the "Domain Services" category.

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