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sender policy framework
Specify domain name
Is the server allowed to send e-mails via the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses?
If this question is answered with "Yes ", the server, which according to A-Record is stored in the domain name server settings, may send e-mails.
Is the registered mail server allowed to send e-mails?
Mail servers (MX record) entered in the name server are intended for receiving e-mails.
By activating this option they may also send e-mails.
Are subdomains allowed to send emails?
Do you want to allow any host to send emails that ends with the specified domain name? We recommend to disable this option for security reasons.
Authorize additional A-records
Specify additional regular hostnames from which emails can be sent.
One hostname per line. (for example: tickets.domainname.com)
Authorize additional MX records
Authorize additional MX records
Authorize additional IPv4 addresses
Specify additional IPv4 addresses that are allowed to send emails for your domain. Enter one IP address per line. Format:
Authorize additional IPv6 addresses
Specify additional IPv6 addresses that are allowed to send emails for your domain. Enter one IP address per line. Format: 2607: f8b0: 4000: 812 :: 2003
Delegate to external SPF record (include)
If the mail is sent on the basis of another domain, for example, that you have sent mails via the server of your ISP and this one has published an SPF record, please specify them here.
How should the emails be handled by the server?
Select an option on how the server should handle emails.
We recommend SoftFail.
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