Sender Policy Framework

1. Enter domain name

1. Your data

Enter a domain to be checked for the SPF record.
SPF record for the domain:
Canonical names of the domain
Read SPF record:

What is the SPF generator for?

The SPF Generator helps you to easily create a SPF record for a domain. Enter the domain for which you want to create an SPF record and use the wizard to define which IP addresses are authorized by the SPF record to send e-mails. The generated SPF-record can then be stored as TXT resource record in the zone of your name server.


2. Authorize desired IP addresses

Set mechanisms which authorize certain IP addresses to send e-mails
Should the reference be made to the SPF record of another domain?
Enter another domain on the basis of which the mail server should treat your e-mails as trustworthy.
mechanism: redirect=<domain>
Current Redirect
Can the server send e-mails via the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses?
If this question is answered with "Yes", the server that is stored in the domain name server settings according to the A record and the AAAA record can send e-mails.
mechanism: a
Current A record (s)

May the registered mailserver send e-mails?
Mail servers (MX record) entered in the name server are intended to receive e-mails. By activating this option, they can also send e-mails.
mechanism: mx
Current MX record (s)

Authorize additional A / AAAA records
Enter here further regular host names from which e-mails may be sent. One host name per line . (e.g.
mechanism: a:<domain>
Authorize additional MX records
Specify additional regular host names here, whose mail server is authorized to send e-mail on behalf of the domain. One host name per line . (e.g.
mechanism: mx:<domain>
Authorize additional IPv4 addresses
Enter additional IPv4 addresses that may send e-mails for your domain. Enter an IP address per line . Format:
mechanism: ip4:<ipv4>
Authorize additional IPv6 addresses
Enter additional IPv6 addresses that may send e-mails for your domain. Enter an IP address per line . Format: 2607:f8b0:4000:812::2003
mechanism: ip6:<ipv6>
Delegate to external SPF record (include)
If the e-mail is sent on the basis of another domain, for example that you send an e-mail via the server of your ISP and the latter has published an SPF record, please enter a domain per line .
mechanism: include:<domain>
Authorize IP addresses with Macros
When evaluating the SPF, macros specific can authorize an IP address based on the request or connection of the user or client. Enter a macro per line (RFC7208 )
mechanism: exists:<makro>
How should the e-mails be handled by the server?
Select an option how the server should handle e-mails. We recommend SoftFail.
mechanism: <-|~|?>all

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3. Copy the SPF record and enter it in the name server

SPF record which should be saved as TXT entry in your name server
Record-Type: TXT
BIND Preview
Current configuration:
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