I manage my own domains and want to publish or revise my SPF record.

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I manage my own domains and want to publish or revise my SPF entry! 

First, if you have an existing SPF record (or if you don't know if one already exists), go to the validator first and enter the domain part of your e-mail address in the top field, which is to the right of the @ symbol and click "Get SPF Record". Here you will then find out whether your domain already has an SPF entry and whether the syntax is correct. If you do not have an SPF record or you want to change yours, you should first look at the SPF record syntax to understand what your record means.


Then go back to the validator and insert the domain part of your e-mail address into the domain part of the second test and your design record into the SPF record part (not in quotation marks, only the record). Then click Check SPF record. There you will be informed whether the syntax of your design is correct. You can also use the third test in the Validator to experiment with different IP addresses from which your e-mails with different records originate and to see if you get the expected results.


So the first two tests can tell you if the syntax of your data set is correct. This is the only way to show you whether the content of the record is suitable for your e-mail sending architecture. If you are stuck somewhere, you can also contact our free support and/or our consulting service. Once you are satisfied that your record can be published or updated, you can publish it as a TXT type record in the public DNS of your domain. How you publish your entry varies from provider to provider. If you do not know how to publish your entry, simply contact your DNS provider. If you do not know who that is, it is probably the domain registrar with whom you registered the domain. If you cannot find out who it is, you can always ask us for help and we will help you find out.
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