Do I need to publish an SPF entry for all my SMTP servers?

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Do I need to publish an SPF entry for all my SMTP servers?

No (or better: probably not, you asked the question wrong).


In any case, you should publish an SPF record for each domain you want to protect from spammer/virus abuse. For example, if your domain was (somedomain.tld) and you still had a subdomain (www.somedomain.tld) registered, you would publish an SPF record for both (somedomain.tld) and (www.somedomain.tld). So you only need to publish one policy for each domain that has an A record, an MX record, or both. This includes wildcard domains (* and the domain that is the top of your zone (@).


But why?

This is because of how SPF works: For example, when an SPF-enabled mail server receives a message, it requests the SPF record for the domain in the envelope. So if you publish the SPF record only on somedomain.tld and not on www.subdomain.tld, a fake message coming from www.subdomain.tld would also be accepted.

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