I just don't understand SPF, I just want to get my e-mails!

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I just don't understand SPF, I just want to get my e-mails!

We understand how you feel but believe us when you see some of the frequently asked questions, take a closer look at the site and know more about it, you will probably find it easier to find a solution. If you cannot find a solution here, there are other ways to contact SPF professionals. Please also have a look at our support page.


First of all, if you don't manage your DNS record yourself (which very few people do) or you don't know what this all means, you should call your ISP's technical support. Tell them what problem you have that you think might have something to do with SPF and leave it to Give it to them. But be aware that it can take a day to see a result. If your problem only relates to e-mails sent from your e-mail account at work or school (yourname@example.com/org/edu/etc.), you should talk to the administrator of this network and point out the problem.


If you own a domain but do not manage it, you should contact the technical support department for your domain/host company and/or your ISP. You can also contact both if they are different. If your technical support does not understand the problem, refer them to this website.
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